Retired Navy Commander John B, Wells, Military-Veterans Advocacy’s Executive Director, has an unparalleled success record in military court-martials. The success in cases ranging from larceny to sexual assaults has resulted in innocent persons being acquitted. Commander Wells’ “never give up” approach resulted in an sailor being exonerated of sexual assault charges after seven years of imprisonment. In another case, an officer convicted of sexual misconduct was cleared after DNA tampering was disclosed.
Military-Veterans Advocacy sues the military departments and the VA in the federal courts in the District of Columbia to prevent or correct injustice. Commander Wells’ efforts have resulted in unjust discharges being overturned. Additionally he has sued to protect the religious liberties of military members across the services and within the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Military-Veterans Advocacy is prepared to appeal the denial of justly earned benefit through the VA system and beyond. Several successful appeals have resulted in the restoration of benefits or further review of the case by VA authorities. Military-Veterans Advocacy has also pursued a case on behalf of a veterans organizations to seek benefits for a whole class of Navy Vietnam Veterans.